Strongly believing in the sublime combination of heritage, techniques, modernism, style, comfort and well-being in a cohesive interior space, we pride ourselves in possessing a unique ability to curate and marry an eclectic selection from around the world to bring to you a seamless blend of contemporary style and unexpected quintessence.

We hand-pick every single item carefully and thoughtfully without compromise. A beautifully balanced collection of products materialises, allowing for the creation of an interior rooted with the essence of Strange & Deranged but at the same time possessing the flexibility to fit your vision.

Retail - Professional

Architecture, Interior Design and Decorating are an art form that is consistently evolving and changing, to create and arrange the layout of a space and involves a process of details and fine tuning to create a unique ambience that meets the client’s vision.

Our primary focus lies in forging a strong friendship with the knowing professional and to be a reliable source to you in adding the finishing touch to your project and bring yet another perfect accolade to your wall.


Retail - Private Clients

Coming home is the warmth you feel on arrival at your residence, surrounded by familiar faces and objects that evokes that feeling of familiarity, comfort and ownership.

For the discerning home owner who values the priceless gratification in acquiring quintessential embellishments that make your house a home, Strange & Deranged is a treasure trove awaiting your discovery.



Strange & Deranged is the ideal partner to the busy architect and interior designer, assisting with the selection on the final touches that take the project from layout to completion.

Strange & Deranged provides a tailored interior styling and consultation service for private homes, show apartments and commercial residence projects, helping to bring the vision of the perfect interior space to life.